Doubts raised over marijuana’s medical benefits

A new medical marijuana guideline developed by Edmonton researchers warns family doctors that the risks may outweigh the benefits for the vast majority of …


  1. I thought this story was going to be about how Trudeau will be closing all the existing medical dispensaries and IRRADIATING all the gov't sold weed, which of course removes ALL medicinal properties. But I didn't notice this was a CBC story. sigh.

  2. CBC: Here's five wildly different conditions cannabis has been mostly proven to help that would take multiple pharmaceuticals to treat.
    Also CBC: So it basically helps nothing.

    Can people stop saying the CBC is left wing, finally?

  3. its always about the money and rarely about the patient. Israel is a leader in cannabis research, they have done extensive studies while US and Canadian drug companies have been trying to figure out a way to patent everything

  4. Canada, you would be dumb to try and fight this though, regardless of the results. The industry is going to do fantastic things for your economy, and performing more studies is the correct course of action. Find the money.

  5. Fact there are no medical study that shows marijuana illegitamacy since it's still a schedule 1 drug, meaning no funds and no approval by the govt. This is only Propaganda.

  6. I think we should postpone legalizing marijuana until it has enough scientific backing. Just to make sure there isn’t any unknown consequences. And I mean hard science. Not anecdotal.

  7. It is a type of drug and it does have its benefits and risks. For some people with certain health conditions the benefits is greater than the risk.
    But if you are a healthy individual then the risks outweigh the benefits.

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