Does CBD Work? How Effective is CBD Compared to OTC and Prescription Drugs by Thomas Delauer

DOES CBD WORK? CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the most talked about, yet misunderstood pieces of the cannabis industry. It offers profound medicinal …


  1. In this video, Thomas Delauer discusses why people use CBD and how well people say it works for them. The results are quite eye-opening when you realize just how many conditions CBD treats and how effective it can be. Do you find CBD works for you as well as it does for others? Please share your thoughts with us.

  2. "Good health lies in knowing true medicine"
    We are manufacturers of all kinds of products, we even build houses with the best 100% legal organic CBD in the world grown in Canada, Colorado, Holland and now the best in the blue zone of the Planet of Costa Rica

  3. I've been taking it for 3 weeks and i feel more relaxed, my chiropractor was finally able to get the movement from my neck when doing adjustments, which he was never able to because my neck was extremely tight. I've been going for a little over a year (I've seen 3 different chiropractors) so it's not a coincidence that all of a sudden i have better joint movement

  4. had extreme anxiety and started on 10 mg of CBD, at least once a day w/food for the last 2 months and wow….what does the future hold I'm not sure but so far its really affective

  5. I stopped taking zoloft and xanax for my panic attacks. It's been 3 months on CBD drops and I haven't had one episode. No more side effects from drugs like ED. And that's a big plus. Only side effects from CBD is sleepiness. So I take more of a dose at night

  6. I found out a month back that the pain in my knee and hip was caused by arthritis & is not bad enough for surgical correction. The pain was still real and starting to affect other issues with balance. Dr. said physical therapy will help & keep taking Tylenol for the pain. After a week therapy, pain still there, taking 4-6 500mg tabs per day for the pain. Taking that many pills daily is not good for you. Purchased a product with CBD derived from hemp, 200mg balm & 500 mg salve, both products contained .3% THC. Applied the products to both my knee & hip as needed for pain, the relief was almost immediate. Three days in and the Tylenol is back on the shelf. I know each individual is different and results may vary. After I told my girlfriend about she tried it in her sore neck and shoulders, couldn’t believe how quick it worked. I recommend CBD products for any muscle or joint pain.

  7. I started taking Evidikel CBD oil today from Medreleaf. So far so good, but too soon to judge. I have been suffering from PTSD and anxiety my whole life. Hoping it will realy help level things out.

  8. Hemp is an old British word for Cannabis. They are the same thing. Hemp is currently used to describe cannabis plants with less than .3% THC. "Hemp" has all the same strains as "marijuana", the slang Mexican word for cannabis. Indica, sativa and hybrids. So basically hemp is marijuana with less than .3% THC. Good stuff. All the medicinal benefits without the high. Up until the 1930's it was a common plant grown throughout the world for a myriad of purposes. Then the greedy turds in DC and Wall Street decided to legislate it from existence. Research how and why this plant has been vilified by politicians for over 90 years and you will understand things you never knew existed. God bless and smoke 'em if you got 'em.

  9. Love your videos when I don't love his that you never answer questions what least my questions. I'm using hemp CBD I can only speak for myself it works perfectly. My question is what effect does it have on your heart liver or kidneys.

  10. Nice video !! Im in canada where cannabis is legal, hemp cbd I cant find it here, but we have cbd that comes from marijuana with little thc, is that cbd as effective than cbd from hemp ?
    Thanks a lot

  11. Right off the bat, the members of the study being considered as “patients of cbd or experts of the cbd field” indicate a significant bias to occur. Thus, the numbers will produce a false-positive result.

    In addition, without knowing how long the study was conducted, or what pharmacological drugs were used, the results are compromised and cannot be applied to a clinically finding.

  12. As it gets more popular, it will probably be banned in the near future. Big pharma doesn't want you to take this for thebobvious reason… Our first experience with cbd will start tomorrow.

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