1. “Black Market” is code for Organized Crime ! Your right their is “big money” involved. The Marxists masquerading as Democrats are the one’s pushing this agenda. Why ? You better believe they will take their “cut” (bribe) . Monies will be laundered from Political Action Committees (PAC’s) donated by legitimate businesses paid by Organized Crime Organizations for allowing them to operate in the State. Don’t mention the fact the State is violating Federal Law, the countless lives and families that will be ruined as a result and the increase in violent crime and shootings. The Governor and the Marxists masquerading as Democrats in the Legislature are more concerned with issues such as Marijuana, Casino’s and Tolls. One would think they were new “Crime Family” in the State. Time to vote these BUMS out before they do anymore damage. That is if the Voting Machines are legit.

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