1. I love both of these products, myself i take Board Spectrum CBD oil, as well using Copaiba topically. My son take Board Spectrum CBD gummies and use an essencial oil blend with copaiba for immune boost. We have won the fight with eczema since we go green and natural and use this amazing products! I love both, however it is ok to leave CBD oil and go for only use essential oils and stay healthy, happy and preserve our health?!

  2. I have an adult family member who has adhd, severe sleep deprivation, past three years and mania episodes due to lack of sleep . Desppression anxiety ocd and has been on so many antidepressants for 7 years with no success. And has just weaned off vallium and temapazine which was prescribed for 7 years so insomnia is bad, getting around two or three hours sleep only. Fibromyalgia as well. Is currently on mirtazipine been on this for years. Specialist wants to try lyrica etc to treat the insomnia as we dony want another manic episode but this person is refusing to try any more meds .and would alchol interfere with this oil? Would appreciate any feedback

  3. I truly appreciate the breakdown between both! I use Copaiba and will be using it shortly on my chest as I was under the weather so I’m going to use for pain tonight and feet for immune support! I have two bottles woo hoo!!!

  4. Thx doc. Wish you were my doctor. I’d cough any time. Lol. Sorry bro. Was thinking about taking copaiba to help me sleep as I work overnights and sleep during the day. Loved your explanation as it was so easy to understand. You’re awesome!!!

  5. This is helpful and informative. Thank you. I guess I do have a question: If CBD oil stimulates the CB1 receptors in our brain, similarly to an SSRI drug, that is, it prevents "reuptake" of serotonin, isn't it subject to the same hazards as SSRIs? Could it "burn out" those nerve endings, causing homicidal or suicidal tendencies? . . . Secondly, do you have any dosing recommendations for Copaiba oil?

  6. Very good video, I have Doterra copaiba oil, some friends give it to their sons with Autism, I am researching on the safety of ingesting essential oils, I know Doterra's quality standars are the best, but still feel worry about the Copaiba passing trough the liver and organs if ingested. Is really safe to ingest therapeutic grade essential oils like Copaiba for an 25yo men with Autism? Thanks again for your information in this video!

  7. I have a friend that had copaiba suggested to help with morning groginess, waking up, and productivity. It didnt sound like this is the intent or function of this oil. Am i understanding correctly?

  8. So Amazon has CBD Oil.
    I have nerve damage from having Shingles 5 times (Shingles proven by Doctor Specialist) on both sides of my body but mostly on my weak left side. Fibromalagia, also proven; Arthritis in many joints; Bursitis in my hips – shattering the Fibula (2 places) and also the Tibia; my upper and lower back has osteoporosis; and 3 herniated discs in lower spine . The only pain drug I have is Gabapentin for nerves. I am in intense pain on a daily basis. It's in great pain that when I walk, the uneveness of the fracture boot to a shoe is almost intolerable; in March I fell. Doctors now, will only prescribe any opiate drug or useful pain medication for 24 days at a time. I am almost 70 but I still try to do my best on exercising. I will have a fracture boot on until July or August.
    What would you suggest a dosage CBD oil to make me at least comfortable?
    I also have the Essential Oil of Copaiba Balsam from Brazil but I have never taken it orally. Please help me decide. Thanking You in advance.
    I almost forgot to mention that surgery was done on my ankle and both sides have metal plates and screws. The screws on the inside of my ankle, I can feel the screw heads when I walk with the boot on which is 12 to 14 hours per day. I get to sleep with the boot off.

  9. So if I understand this correctly hubby is using CBD oil 750mg twice daily for heart failure so how much Copaiba should we be adding to the daily regimen? I am a bit confused on the amount of Copaiba to use daily and I can't seem to find an answer anywhere:(

  10. Are we able to use both at the same time? My daughter suffers from anxiety and the doctor has her on 20 ml of antidepressants. I don’t like what those pills do to your body. She is only 14 years old . I have Copaiba from young living

  11. Ive been managing my condition for twenty years with CBD from hemp indica , then i met a person on this copaiba selling scheme today , tryng to sell me copaiba as a better solution, part of a big organised selling/seminar system …thank you for the information and the heads up ….more research needed …Peace

  12. I love both of these! I have MS and have been on opioids since 1995 because of the pain.
    I am a certified aromatherapist that wanted alternative choices. Six months ago, with the support of my Dr I started tapering down my morphine. I have done this by making my own 600mg CBD salve with Copaiba added to it. I also vape CBD and ingest CBD.
    Good news I have gone from 80mg of morphine down to 15mg. I hope to be off this one last pill in the next few weeks.

    I really can't say enough about the "wonderful" benefits of these two.

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