CBD Vs. THC For Pets! What You Need To Know

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  1. I had a Scottish terrier. He ate a gram joint of some top shelf. He was so high he looked like a drunk old man. He staggered around everywhere and kept Falling over. He was almost as f up as when I put that goldfish in a water bong and smoked an 8th in it.

  2. Dogs get anxiety from humans, they do not suffer from it in nature.
    Dogs have different psychology than humans. Don't give your dogs cbd or thc to cure anxiety, the anxiety comes from needs not being met, your lack of understanding the dogs needs. If all of the dogs needs are met all behavioral issues completely disappear 100% of the time unless the dog has a genetic issue.
    I have been adopting messed up dogs and rehabilitating for close to 20 years, and the issue is always the same. The dog is not the problem.

  3. My dog is a little shiatsu and he grew up with me when I was experiencing cannabis. And that was legit my smoke buddy. I could have him go look for my bud like he was gonna find it🤣

  4. I put the stuff I used to make canna butter in my garden and my dog must’ve eaten it because that night he was standing at the door wanting to come in, but he was like a statue, then I realised he was real messed up, but he came good the next morning, I was pretty worried though because he was wayyy fucked up. Like so so he was out of it but he wasn’t scared or anything

  5. By the way that grinder disc is not the right size for that angle grinder. All that being said it can happen these disc's can explode when used improperly. when then disc gets down to a third of its original size it should be thrown out

  6. Casinos in northeast Oklahoma you can smoke inside at the machines your just taking puffs and pushing buttons with no clocks so you don't know how long you have been there

  7. Our Chibull (muscular Chihuahua) got bitten by a copperhead about 7 years ago, took her to the vet which basically just gave her Benadryl.
    She was in intense pain, her rear leg swelled up huge, her stomach swelled up with what looked like blood.
    I ran out and got CBD treats for her and gave her 4mg treat, within 30 min she was not in pain and jumped off the couch and wanted to go pee.
    the swelling went down quickly, I was sold on CBD from that day forward, she has had a drop or two of CBD (2.5-5mg) everyday the past 7 years.
    Been using CBD myself for lowering my blood pressure

  8. Most animals do get high on something. Monkeys eating fermenting fruit from a tree, not just monkeys. I am with Guru on tipping in food industry. They bust buts for very little reward, plus they deal with assholes. Peace

  9. Companies should pay their employees a living wage not subsidized by gov or tips. If they can’t do that, their business model sucks. Only in ‘Murica.

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