1. "Good health lies in knowing true medicine"
    We are manufacturers of all kinds of products, we even build houses with the best 100% legal organic CBD in the world grown in Canada, Colorado, Holland and now the best in the blue zone of the Planet of Costa Rica

  2. I love how the news lies about almost everything🤣 CBD helps cure cancer and drastically improve your immunitysystem so if it does all that and MORE y cant it cure Covid- 19🤷‍♂️

  3. This is media and they work for the MAN! No money to be made if there is a cure. Like Trump taking his pills people say don’t work. He is a Billionaire with Im sure the best doctors money can buy and he takes his cure. Media lies and is owned by the MAN. No cure No money to be made. Longer it takes to get a cure more money made find a fake cure make Billions.

  4. Israel already uses cbd and they are curing their patients with Gods magic herb. These guys are clearly too old and they are all against cannabis you can see it from miles away.

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