CBD Product Tests: Results Can Be Alarming | NBC 4 I-Team

NBC 4 New York first highlighted the popularity surrounding CBD-infused products months ago. CBD, or Cannabinol oil, is a chemical found in marijuana and …


  1. After many failed attempts with other brands, I finally found this brand. Weedborn products are the best and I don't think I will ever need to look for another CBD supplier. I would recommend for practically any health problem.

  2. Shocker!! A corporate media giant smearing a natural product to appease its corporate pharma friends… love the biased lean they push to scare people. Want real CBD oil? Come to Canada. We regulate it here.

  3. That's not real Lazarus oil. It's been debunked, Lazarus oil is a godsend they're extremely professional and they help out soldiers and low income households. Don't slander them. This news show is a joke they could have done a little more research.

  4. This is why you need to only buy brands that are tried and proven! Lab tested, Lab certified and fields tested! Make sure that your product has a COA (certificate of analysis). Don’t watch brand videos that push their products being the best. Watch our clips to learn best practices and find out how to buy the best cbd for less and get it delivered right to you door.

  5. Bull$hit. I know many people who use it for pain and anxiety and it WORKS! Mainstream media is pushing the big pharma agenda to kill us with chemical medications. Do NOT believe anything they tell you.

  6. We have many scammers in the UK. Sacred Kanna had 0.02mlg CBD when.claiming 10,000 mlg per 100ml.
    It's bad really when sick people trust the bottle, means the big pharmaceutical company's will muscle the little guy out.there is a internet page dedicated to the scam not so sacred Kanna.

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