CBD Oil vs THC Oil Medical Cannabis Documentary

CBD #Oil #Cannabis CBD Oil vs THC Oil Medical Cannabis Documentary Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a product that’s derived from cannabis. It’s a type of …


  1. The good thing about being sick in bed is I get to watch more YouTube videos, lol. I have a question, is there a benefit in using both oils simultaneously? I never see oils advertised as having both THC and CBD. Is there a sweet spot ratio of THC to CBD in a product? I’ve heard that too much CBD can cause anxiety., is this true? Just asking, I’m finding your videos very educational and entertaining. I love the background music. Thanks for sharing this important info

  2. Im here in Canada (eh), and its the fucking wild west here right now.
    The market has been flooded w/ thc and cbd oils homemade, and you cant tell if you are getting the real deal or not. Even lab results can be "faked" or fudged with.
    Its so hard right now, trying to wade past the shit to get to the real medicine.

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