CBD Oil Routine for Anxiety – Effects and Benefits

CBD Oil Routine for Anxiety – Effects and Benefits CBD oil and CBD Benefits are a taboo topic right now. But CBD oil for anxiety can really be helpful.


  1. Any recommendations on dosage ? I have been taking 2.7 mg in morning and evening. So around 5mg / day. Should I try to increase it ?? It seems to make me a little tired. I'm taking the Wyld brand gummies. I'm taking for anxiety

  2. CBD gave me a panic attack for the last 2 hours 25mg dose at a local store felt it kick in fast and that threw me off and made me panic it was a zero thc broad spectrum maybe it was just too much at once

  3. My anxiety is so severe I'm scared incase my mind tricks me into thinking it will make me worse, I bought a bottle this morning and its 500mg, but I am on propranolol as well for anxiety so I'm not too sure if I can take cbd whilst being on this medication?

  4. Just tried my first oil tonight. It's a very low dose (50MG) from Justcbd. I just don't feel anything at all. I did three drops but felt nothing. Might have to try three mls in one shot.

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