1. You are a perfect example of someone that doesn't let your situation define you! Instead you overcame and conquered and that is inspirational, may God bless you! I also just started taking cbd oil and it is incredible for anxiety I'm so greatful I didn't have to get on medication the oil just takes the edge off and makes it manageable!

  2. "I'm a vegan but i have organic eggs"… so, not in any way vegan then

    Also, just a tip… If youre trying to improve your public speaking, stop saying "super" every five seconds, it's super super offputting

  3. CBD changed my LIFE Guys after 10 years of smoking atleast 5 grams a day. I cannot tell you what it's done for me. I've tried to quit so many times and always been unsuccessful until I found out about CBD.

    If you're based within Europe, I strongly suggest to visit VAPEZEN9.COM. I've tried alot of cbd products but found theirs most effective and for 1000mg I haven't found anywhere as cheap in UK. Hope this helps someone. Best wishes everyone x

  4. Hey man, I’ve struggled most of my life with the symptoms you just said, especially social anxiety adhd and also have tinnitus
    So a fair few concerns, so no wonder I have anxiety. My problem is I lack energy or concentration. So any suggestions please.
    Love the humble videos and extremely detailed information and easy to understand information.

    Wish you well

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