CBD for Pain Relief: 💥an Alternative Perspective💥

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  1. Order placed with them. Nothing turned up, their tracking system on their website says I can't make such an enquiry with my tracking number. Spent over 100$ on their products. Never again. They must be scamming people. I would avoid at all costs

  2. Marijuana does nothing for sciatic pain just FYI. I’ve been suffering for over a month now. The pain is horrific. Chiro just manipulates me, pain doc don’t give two shits if you are on pain. He gave me a nerve block that made it extremely worse. So now it’s June 15th and I’m still miserable

  3. Your explaination about cbd oil doc is very clear to me .it eases muscle pain and many more….am not particular of the said oil…and most of all its not yet here in the Philippines…i dont think so….whatever i want to try it soon!¡!thanks

  4. I find that CBD makes my heart rate increase. Whether i take it internally or topically. Ihave stopped using it for this reason. Is this because i used too much?

  5. This is my second comment, because I skipped ahead to see what the "prize" was (read my other comment).
    That said, I have a bio-chem background and have a problem with the "natural" lable. In order to make this topical analgesic "trans-dermal" a secondary vehicle is required. My guess is, said vehicle in this case is ethylene glycol, which is anything but "natural".

  6. Heads up: That "At the end of this video, I have a special surprise . . ." thing is counterintuitive, at least in my case. Who doesn't want a special surprise? I find myself (and I'm probably not alone) fast-forwarding to find the prize and often times, not watching the body of the presentation. Hey, if I've clicked on the video, you ALREADY have my attention. Food for thought.

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