CBD Explained

(18+) *LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENT* With all of these isolated cannabinoids becoming increasingly popular, I thought i’d bring us back to the basics …


  1. CBD has helped my anxiety so much. I had a hard time finding the right product and company after trying countless bottles of CBD oil a friend recommend Eden's Herbals, I would highly recommend them. They have both full spectrum and isolate! Fast free shipping too!!

  2. do you still take delta 8. i know that i will never go back to delta 9 weed because i just can't. i quit 2 weeks ago. it messes with my mental well being but do you think delta 8 would be okay? or should i just stick to cbd?

  3. Thanks for all the great information you put in your videos, I literally look for you when I search anything cannabis related just because I've been watching you for so long…. I'm finally able to say I'm a Legal PA MMJ Patient so Cheers and keep up the great work. 😁

  4. I haven’t logged into channel that I’m using to make this comment right now in like 3 years, and I randomly logged in today and I see your posting agains. I’m glad you’re back. I used to get all my info about weed and the best strains from you and binge your reviews and topic videos.

  5. I work at the CBD Center in Fresno Cali. I get to explain CBD and help people everyday. I love my job and truly believe in CBDs benefits. I here emotional stories all the time about how CBD has changed their lives. I love the educational videos bro!

  6. Strain central, 450,000 subs. A new video drops. And only 1,000 views in almost 12 hours…. on a Friday.

    Am I in the twilight zone, or did all the followers just go get high and fall out into couch potato’s?

    Or is it just because the content is about CBD not the “fun” stuff.

  7. u love all the anti delta 8 propoganda going out there right now? weed market got mad someone else was busting in on their turf and throwing a huge fuss over something that allows many of us to not be federal or state criminals at the moment but if you read these articles thats never really mentioned just how DANGEROUS and NEW!!! and UN STUDIED delta 8 is….. obvious fear mongering im amazed people still fall for this crap in 2021

  8. CBD is probably the best drug we know of for sleep aid, as pretty much everything else we know of that induces drowsiness also disrupts your REM cycle hence reducing the quality of sleep. Other drugs such as Ambien, THC, Benadryl, benzodiazepines, opioids, alcohol, will let you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer just like CBD does, however with those you will not be as rested when you wake up.

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