CBD Craze: Would you use CBD oil on your pets?

There are places in Austin that sell CBD oil for pets and it’s pretty popular. Jenni Lee asked our audience to tell us if they’ve used it on their pets.


  1. ahaha i took a drop of cbd and it knocked the hell out of me.. i took a drop of hemp oil and it knocked the crud out of me.. hemp oil has BOTH thc and cbd at less than1%.. so a quart of hemp oil actually has more thc than concentrated cbd oil

  2. yes..im a vet.. we use it on some of out more serious terminal patients.. i use it on a blind diabetic epileptic puppy about 5 years old.. along with a diabetic herbal formula with cinnamon.. i dont necessarily believe in most alternative medicines.. but 5 billion people DO worldwide…it works for them.. we work in the congo and thats what they use (herbals)..so we use it when necessary.

    as far as cbd oils and hemp oils.. we take 5 drops of concentrated cbd oil and put in a liter of hemp oil.. lasts 6 months at a 1/5ml OR LESS per dose.. thats for small animals.. i think the human dose is 15 mmg per dose or day… we dont use it on humans.. our dose is probably .01mmg per dose or there about.. we give about 20mmg per dose of hemp oil..thats 20 units in a 1ml food syringe.. 1/5 of a ml, 1/5th the smallest suringe by mouth.. about 10-20 drops..that contains about 1/100 of a drop of cbd oil in it..im trying to be specific so as not to overdose your pets..in any case start LOW..they may be allergic

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