1. I did months of research on CBD oil, tried drops and vaporizer. My chronic pain and inflammation have been going on for years. I'm really glad to see people looking at alternatives to pharmaceuticals. I recently found CBD oil with a delivery system with 100% bio-availability. It gets right into my blood cells! So I get that CBD oil is beneficial, I'm just so happy and excited to have my body and mind feel so much better!

  2. My wife has broken her back twice the last time 15 years ago. She does not wanr to use opioids to deal with the inflamation and pain. She has taken ibprophine but she has developed stomach ulscers and doctors want her to stop taking it. She is going to start using cbd oil we will see how it goes

  3. a minute and 25 seconds before he even uses the term CBD, and then he quotes weed as not being marijuana. I've stopped watching at this point and given it a THUMBS DOWN.

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