1. Reason people think we can drive around high is because everybody’s tolerance to the drug is different. Me I can smoke a gram and just feel a buzz like tobacco. Guess why? I smoke all day so my tolerance is high. Never a good excuse to smoke and drive tho

  2. Weed does not cause mental health problems. If it did then why do people use it for ptsd anxiety and depression anyway if it makes it worse? Oh yeah wait that’s bullshit. It can help people with those conditions. If you have depression anxiety or psychosis after smoking it’s probably cause you are susceptible due to the fact that marijuana intensifies your senses and perception of reality.

  3. Omg it’s gonna be stronger than the shit your parents smoked because people learned how to efficiently grow. and if we had the tools to make it more effective why wouldn’t we.
    People in the 60’s had to roll cannons cause the bud was so much less potent than it is now

  4. Cannabis is not a drug that can be produced from plants. Cannabis is a plant. It can make fuel, fibre, resins, epoxies, medicine, batteries, paper, plastics, cellulose, and much more.

    If we’re talking about cannabis buds to smoke or eat for a desired effect, or “high”, that’s cannabis, too. But don’t confuse a drug with a plant.

    If you’re interested in legit no-nonsense information for young people about the cannabis that gets you “high” (whatever that means), I’d recommend starting here:


  5. I think even teens would probably find this cool kid character they've tried to make pretty cringe. I'd advise someone who was making one of these to just spit the real actual facts, make it visually interesting and not try to pander.

  6. Absolute bollox. I'm 59 and still smoking since I was 13. I drive stoned every day. Ok, it might be 10 mph but when everything is in slow motion you can see trouble coming a mile away. I'm not as think as you stoned I am.

  7. No body overdose you just got a crazy bad case panic attack just calm the guy down he there is noting hostpital can do esle the put your friend in a bed and make sure he doesn't harm himself by falling or playing with a dangerous object

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