Cannabis Derivative Cannabidiol Reduces Epilepsy Seizures

A cannabis derived medication reduced seizures in patients with a severe form of epilepsy, Dravet syndrome, a New England Journal of Medicine study found.


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  5. My daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy. The neurologist was very confident about the diagnosis based, my Daughter had an EEG (no idea if it showed anything; we were tired and may have misunderstood what he said about that). MRI was negative for problems. For the past 4 months or so, I have seen weekly occurrences, making strange faces (this involved cheek twitching and lip quivering). We did not realize it could be a serious problem until she had an obvious seizure (simple partial) last week. What is troubling about my daughter condition is that we have seen many daytime seizures, and that recently the seizures seem to cluster together. No idea if there are seizures occurring at night. We were given a prescription for Kapra, but are still weighing the risk / rewards of giving the medication to a toddler. After returning from the hospital, my daughter experienced a round a vomiting lasting from 3 AM to 11 AM, followed by additional vomiting the following morning at around 2 AM. Nothing sense then. She has not had an appetite, is drinking fine, and otherwise appears healthy. I read a lot of blogs where people who shared their testimonies kept mentioning Anti-seizure Herbal medication. I searched for a website I just followed the email address of Doctor Patrick that was shared on these testimonies; I got lucky when I got a reply from Dr. Patrick. I followed his instruction, used Herbal Medicine in less than 2 months, my daughter seizures reduced drastically. Within a period of 5 months, my daughter was cured. I went back to my neurologist, where my daughter checked up and marked epilepsy free. If you need his help you can Contact this herbal doctor via his email and WhatsApp connection is +2348102558553 for help

  6. I was born with epilepsy and cerebral palsy. I have a twin brother, i was born first. My brother was born with no problems. I take phenytoin for my epilepsy, as a child I was on phenabarbatone, then at 14 i was put on Epilim 500mg. Which caused me to gain lots of weight. I went to live in Canada for a few years where I was taken off eperlim & switched to phenytoin. Which I still take today. As a child I had grand mal seizures, which doctors said I would grow out of. Which I did, but I now have petit mal. It' feels weird when I have it, i can hear all thats going on around me, but ppl and any noise, sound much louder, plus it feels like I'm floating on water. Before the seizure I get the smell like burnt toast. I can have a seizure at any time, night or day. Unpredictable. I feel a little confused when I come round, which lasts for a couple of minutes, then I'm back with you again. Usually a cup of tea helps me recover. I read a lot of blogs where people who shared their testimonies kept mentioning Anti-seizure Herbal medication. I searched for a website I just followed the email address of Doctor Patrick that was shared on these testimonies; I got lucky when I got a reply from Dr. Patrick. I followed his instruction, used Herbal Medicine in less than 2 months, I was already cure because of the changes I was seeing. Within a period of 5 months, I was cured totally forever. I went back to my neurologist, I was checked up and marked epilepsy free. If you need his help you can Contact this herbal doctor via his email and WhatsApp connection is +2348102558553 for help

  7. Sadly my doctor at KU has cannabidiol and does not want to prescribe it to me. He also told me that he does not believe in marijuana for his patients. Every dr should want the best for his or her patients health and not the worst. The 5000mg of medicine I take a day helps at a lower %rate my dr said. But I just had brain surgery to see where my seizures coming from in February 2020 and that is in my right temporal lobe. So now I continue taking my pills stand I buy 1000mg of cbd oil and I'm feeling a lot better. I'm happy I made a good choice in buying my cbd oil since summer of 2019 and not listening to my dr about getting RNS device implanted March of 2020. I could not stand leaving and abandoning my children to be in the hospital. But I am much happy and in better health thanks to CBD🙏🧠💜

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