Cannabis Cultivation: How to Supercharge Your Cannabis Grow Using Biochar / Green Flower

Green Flower Grow Director Derek Gilman and Grotek Nutrients’ Simon Hart discuss Biochar – what it is (and isn’t), how it reacts with microbial organisms in the …


  1. Caution my friends, bio-char will work but be very sparring in your application this technique can also rob a plant of nutrients at times when it is so desperately needed in growing cycles. A little goes a long way. You can get what you need buy using hardwood ash in your compost bin . Living soil is the key to happy girls, keep it simple my brothers and sisters.

  2. Read about the black amazon soil. I forget the name but it's crazy. It'll be 6 feet deep and they'll come and dig it up and just leave a layer and inch thick. A year later they come back and there's another layer 6 feet deep again

  3. I just pack some twigs and small branches in a 50 gallon, metal drum, with no ventilation, and light it up. Makes a bunch of charcoal. I crush that up and put a couple shovel’s worth in with the soil. Works great.

  4. I think its a bad idea becoming dependent on anything from a store. If they go under or get regulated, the entire setup is a mess.
    Healthy living soil is the only way, with natural amendments added like bat shit or crushed sea shells and the like. Anything cannabis specific, jus stinks of controlling what we buy. "Mining the miners" as they say.

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