Cannabis Conundrum: Pros & Cons of THC ,CBD and Related Compounds- JoAnna Harper, PharmD.,RPh,-2019

By Popular demand, we take an in-depth look into cannabis for medical purposes, including possible ways it works, differences between products(CBD from …


  1. She gives really good information in her talk. I have been using the CBD edibles w/o THC for about 9 mos now. It really helps with the joint, muscle and GI issues I deal w/. This is not addictive like the narcs and opioids, and the other side effects from using these two, CBD doesn't have. So I will be using CBD as long as I need to.

  2. Ive been diagnosed with limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis with lung involvment in December of 2018. I can tell you for a fact cbd by its self is snake oil. Ive worked in cannabis industry for 15 years. Take a look at Rick Simpson's videos. High levels of thc combined with cbd is the curing recipe. Full plant extracts. It works. Ive seen it with my own eyes. I currently use it to easy inflammation and pain management

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