Can You use CBD Oil to Treat Dementia in Dogs – what's the evidence?

Does CBD oil help treat dogs with dementia? While it’s much too early for anyone to answer this with any degree of certainty, there actually is some evidence …


  1. 1. Although CCD and Alzheimer's share similarities, they are not the same.
    2. There are no studies in dogs showing a clinical benefit for dementia.

    3. With no clinical evidence for a beneficial effect, and no safety data either, you don't know whether CBD oil will help dogs with dementia or make them WORSE.
    4. You have a link to a product page for CBD oil pinned to this video, so you are you more interested in cashing in on a trend than the health of animals?

  2. I have a male dog Coco almost 17 years old. He’s 16 and 8 months. His decline has been fast and furious since last year in January. He’s always been very sharp and well behaved potty trained he’s now very aggressive if he’s touched he bites he has potty attacks daily we can’t clip his nails, he has forgotten how to drink out of the water bowl and eating/chewing is a big struggle for him he does a lot of circling and is constantly confused and anxious. We have tried so many natural supplements that only help minimally. I’m going to start him on CBD tonight how much do you recommend? Thank you 🙏🏼

  3. So far I am blessed my senior dogs are still very sharp mind Bigfoot is 13 year's old and Arnold is 9 years old and I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary yet but I'm very intuned with them I can look at them and tell if something is bothering them…I'm a true animal lover Dr Alex…lol. I take better care of my dogs than myself

  4. Hi, It's me again. I have one more question.
    My dog has seizures maybe once a 4 months but when he has them, they are more frequent. He will have 2 seizures in a row and 1 in the next day. What is his life expectancy?
    P. S. he is 5 years old

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