Budget Indoor Flower from Adirondack Hemp | CBD Hemp Flower Review

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  1. I don't even smoke cbd/hemp flower much tbh. I love it, and I actually got some Orange Peel from a local dispensary the other day and it was really good. But I usually stick with thc flower if I can help it. Just my choice. But I will never stop watching these reviews, bro. So much knowledge and your reactions are genuine, which is always appreciated. End of the day I just love cannabis, haha. So to know where to get what, what's worth the price, for when I do want to order some hemp flower? Always good to know. Good shit.

  2. Bro, this channel is so underrated its crazy. The only thing I would love to see you add is a high definition rotation cam with a spotlight so we can see the buds shine in 3D. Keep the videos coming man, much love.

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