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WINCHESTER — James Foster said his idea of opening a shop that sold organic food and drink options as well as CBD products came down to promoting both health and information.

With that, Bucha Canna at 1216 Berryville Ave. came to be.

“Healthy food doesn’t have to taste bad. It’s a misconception that you have to eat cardboard to eat healthy,” Foster said. “And I’ve been very passionate about CBD. There’s a lot of miseducation out there and a lot of marketing science that tells you what you need to hear to buy something.”

The shop, which opened about a year ago, started out serving kombucha, NitroBrew, Beekman products, CBD, hemp products and organic fruits. It has since added acai bowls, smoothies and bubble tea to the menu.

Foster said his acai bowls are unique because he doesn’t use a sorbet. Instead, he hand-mixes ingredients.

“I have a base that’s pure acai and organic fruit,” he noted. “Then we only use oat milk in it. It’s very popular on the West Coast.”

The smoothies are made with oat milk as well as organic fruit and ice.

Although the shop has been open about a year, Foster and his wife, Teresa, have a grand opening planned for 11 a.m.-3 p.m. today, where they will serve samples and give away door prizes.

The Fosters also remodeled an old tool truck to use as a serving truck at festivals and other events that will be on display today.

“We’re kind of tucked in the corner, so we want to let people know we’re here,” he said. “We’re excited about the food truck, so we want to show that off a little bit and show people what we’re about.”

Foster said he looked at multiple different properties before landing the spot he’s nestled in right off Interstate 81. The location, he said, brings plenty of different faces through the shop’s doors.

“We have a lot of travelers come in. You’d see everyone going from New York to North Carolina or Florida going to Massachusetts,” he said. “It’s interesting to see how many travelers we get in here taking a rest or getting gas.”

Locally, Foster said his customer base sees “very little attrition.”

“People that come here keep coming back,” he said.

Foster said he believes that’s in large part because he likes to use brands that are transparent and make what they say they’re making without hidden ingredients or sending the product through a bunch of other sources.

He makes data about the products’ lab results available for customers.

According to the business’ website, “Bucha Canna offers high-quality CBD products you can trust. We also offer some of the most affordable Organic products on the market today. We provide you with the finest quality products possible, which shows in our reviews and third-party lab reports.”

Foster, who is a Navy veteran, said he has always been a proponent of health and people finding ways to take care of their bodies without things like prescription drugs. That, he said, led him to CBD.

Bucha Canna is open 10 a.m. -7 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday.

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