BEST CBD oil for ADHD?! 🌿Grassroots Harvest Review

Does CBD oil really help? I review Grassroots Harvest hemp oil and vape pen. I share my experience of how it benefits my ADHD, anxiety and depression, …


  1. Think again Haley order a bottle of "Natures Nutrients"!!!! It is cold pressed unfiltered full spectrum CBD!!! I've tried eight of the other top selling brands over two years and nothing comes close to Natures Nutrients!!!! 5 drops & NIRVANA!!!! I bet you will save at least a third of your money on Natures Nutrients!!!! I have a son with rapid fluctuating bipolar disorder! He can be a very animalistic person! Natures Nutrients turns him into a church mouse!!!!!!! ☮️

  2. Maybe the reason everything seems so bright when you take it is because it's natural and when you take it you vibrate on a higher frequency because it vibrates on a higher frequency. That's really a thing too.

  3. hey hailey, i became aware of your channel through your collab with chris aka the rewired soul and i just wanted to say that you're one of the sweetest souls i've ever come across and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE KEEP GOING!
    i binge-watched your adhd 'series' and as a fellow scramble-brain i am so grateful for the content you put out!
    best regards and endless loving support from austria #internationalfanbase lol
    you deserve to be heard by the entire world tbh ❤️

  4. omg I relate to the super extreme emotions lol (not sure if that is just a product of being an over-the-top Italian chick lol!) I would be so game to give this a try – I adore my sleep and my biggest downfall is actually trying to fall asleep. Great job with the review! <3

  5. This is really fascinating I don't know much about CBD oil that I hear people really rate it. I don't have ADHD but I do have generalized anxiety disorder so I don't sleep well and I also have PDD. I am on medication for them both and I was wondering if the CBD oil clashes with any medications?

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