Best CBD Deal EVER: Cibadol lab tests and review

Cibadol zero CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD review. I sent 2 products to 2 independent labs to see if they’re real CBD. I paid for the products and the lab …


  1. Have you tried Nuvita CBD? I use that brand because it was recommended by a family member. It works well for me so I haven’t switched. It is a little pricey though so I’m curious how it stacks up to others you’ve tested.

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  3. I've also been sharing the home page and the youtube page with all my friends in social media. I've been searching for weeks for a good product and then I finally found this site! I could have saved a lot of time if I found this page first because this is all I need. It's good that I ended up finding it because I was really not sure which product to trust. Thank You!

  4. I just bought some and it cost $30. A monthly plan will drop the cost to $25. I started with the 1 month supply to see how it works. I'm only 3 days in and I'm already feeling better. I will end up doing the monthly auto orders. Also there are coupons out there so look for them! I got 15% off my first order. It's $5 for s/h and I got it in the mail in less than a week. The taste isn't that bad. I just let it dissolve under my tongue and there isn't much of a bad aftertaste!

  5. Are tinctures able to vape as well? Im seeing mixed opinions; you can vape tinctures,(oral oils) or are you supposed to use a nicotine free e juice to mix in to vape it. Not sure what to get as i just bought a KOI bottle but ive since then found out about your channel. Do you vape CBD, if yes how so and what kinds of products?

  6. I nearly bought through CBDistillery until I watched your vid on them. I went down the rabbit hole, eventually got here, and am now buying CBN and CBD oils through Cibadol at nearly 2 am 😅 THANK YOU

  7. I'm kind of struggling here. Maybe I'm just uninformed and don't know how to read lab results, but the results Cibadol has in the photos for the Full Spectrum Tincture seems pretty underwhelming? Would this actually be better than Bluebird Botanicals' Extra Strength Complete CBD + CBDA?

  8. Jeremy to say I love watching your videos would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!!! Thank you so much for what you do!!! I bought the Cibadol Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum… Both formulas work really well. I found these amazing products because of you. Keep up the good work.

  9. I ordered from them twice. Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum came within a couple of days. Packaged great. Customer service was great. I spoke with someone live and not a automated messaging system. I think the Hemp Depot is a trusted place to shop. I'm leaning toward getting a monthly agreement with them and getting a bigger discount. I've noticed a bit of a change in stress levels and OCD triggers. I am able to cope more, focus, and have decreased stress. My panic attacks have lessened in frequency, and when I do have one, it is less intense and I am able to work through it with less hardship. I haven't tried a lot of CBD's but this is probably the one that I will stick with. It's been 2 weeks and I am feeling better about the results, and relieved that there are alternatives to Big Pharma.

  10. I get random drug tests because of me commercial driver’s license. You mentioned the presence of THC in this product, If I take this product as intended am I at risk for a positive test for THC. Forgive me for the question if it sounds dumb I’m new to all of this. Trying to heal from a traumatic leg injury, I’m wondering is if this will help with the pain and my healing. Thanks.

  11. I think this is a winner and will have to get me a bottle. Thank you for such valuable information. You made my month. I needed something affordable and good! I have a blood clot in my heart so I have high anxiety because of it. And the THC is what helps me relax. I suffer from really bad illnesses because of past traumas. And I have seen how much this actually helps me. I smoke and take edibles but that can be very expensive. Again I really appreciate the work you do. 😊

  12. If you could ever review something from the austria company named: canvory, i would love to see what come's out. The sell 500mg of CBD-wax for 14.99€… They say that they use real terpenes out of real cannabis strain's and not out of natural sources, like other companies like :goods… I bought different wax's, cbc and cbdv isolat's and they are all awesome… They sell cbd flower, hash and moon rock's…
    Do you review dabable, or smokable cbd products anyway…?

  13. Jeremy, you are fantastic, and I want to personally thank you for cutting through all the bull$hit that is out there. You are adding so much value to people that it is not even funny. Thank you my friend!

  14. Glad I found your channel and thanks for the effort and time you put into these videos, testing an analysis. I went to your site and purchased a few bottles of Cibadol through your link. Glad to support the info that you provide… hope the CBD helps me with sleep and anxiety issues…

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