Anne-Marie Makes Hemp & Aloe Facial Soap – Gentle & Fragrance Free | Bramble Berry

This recipe combines hemp seed oil with other natural goodies like aloe vera and spinach powder. It’s gentle enough for every skin type, and it feels refreshing …


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  2. I liked your apron and of course the soap looks so welcoming… After a lot of kitchen work! Does Brambleberry sell lye crystals too? Do you give recipe too if one buys these ingredients?

  3. Good morning Ann Marie, thank you for this recipe. I have a question, isn’t the linolenic suppose to be lower due to DOS? I plugged this recipe in soapcalc and the linolenic is 4
    Thank you for your hard work!

  4. Looks great and thank you for sharing Anne-Marie. I'm thinking of making it but I have a question. Can I use Aloe Vera juice in place of water and Aloe Vera powder instead of spinach powder?

  5. As it is facial soap, can you please tell me the pH of soap bar. Because we know facial skin is very sensitive higher pH can harsh our facial skin. I ask this question only for clearing my curiosity.

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