Wisconsinites among those in line for recreational marijuana in Illinois

The sale of marijuana for recreational purposes became legal Wednesday, Jan. 1 in Illinois to the delight of pot fans — many who began lining up hours early at …


  1. Remember folks, cigarettes and bourbon are legal and kill thousands and thousands of people every year, but cannabis is illegal, and the only way you can die from it is if a 200 pound bag of it falls out of a plane and is dropped on your head. And you better make goddamn sure you don’t bring any cannabis across that “imaginary state line” to go into the state of Wisconsin, but it’s perfectly legal if you drink a bunch of whiskey old fashions as soon as you go across that imaginary state line into Wisconsin, and then drive home. 🤦🏻‍♂️🥃

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  3. Yeah I’m sure those Wisconsin people are not taking that shit back to their home 😂.

    Neighboring states around Cali are always making stops to Cali and taking that shit back home to Arizona or what not

  4. This is so stupid. Just leagalize nationwide. Clearly a lot of tax revenue coming in. Cities will be able to fix their infrastructure, education, resources for low-income families, etc.

  5. What I'm curious about is.. How or what would be the threshold of an intoxicated weed smoker? For someone drinking it's .08, so I wonder will they come up with something that can test someone high level of Marijuana. If you smoked weed like 9hrs ago and somehow get pulled over are you considered high still? They are gonna have to come up with some kind of percent thing of what the limit of high is.. Sounds stupid, yes.. But they could be a field day for lawyers on their defended in court.

  6. People relax the prices and taxes will be high at first. The demand is super high and supply will be super limited until about this time next year. The tax that is way too high is the <35% thc tax.

  7. Its still illegal except for white people with warehouses of it.. Those white people aren't illegal… There's a fine line between those warehouse full of it and those peasants waiting in line….

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