Wisconsin Parents Become Hemp Farmers To Help Stop Their Sons Seizures

These Wisconsin parents turned to CBD Oil and became hemp farmers when their sons seizures came back after adolescence. Listen to their story about how …


  1. Wow! Truly amazing story!! Im so happy more people are bringing light to this situation so thank you so much for sharing this!! I'd love to help and be apart of this growing community one day, so we can help others with the Seizures, Epilepysy and MS that many suffer from constistantly. I believe it's such a natural remedy and so much better than pharmaceuticals. Once it becomes legal here in FL, I am hoping to be able to help in some way. This is such an Amazing story!! I'd love to grow organic too!! I've been a gardener of many different varieties of plants for the past 6 yrs and this has been something I've wanted to learn. Thanks again!! They are so beautiful and it's amazing what mother nature has to offer right at the tips of our fingers. I with the best to your son with managing his seizures, I truly believe in what your doing out there!!

  2. wow. congratulations to them. very interesting video ripley. there are so many people frauding cbd oil. i was once a likely victim to the scheme but i used a credit card to buy it and had the company behind me to forcibly get my monies back. the seller changed it's address and access shortly afterward. later, carmine.

  3. Awesome video! I have bipolar disorder and I am trying various medication to help regulate my mood. I have been wanting to try CBD oil to see if it helps – I know the medication I currently take is also used to treat epilepsy, so I wonder if it could help. Thank you for posting this! I wasn’t aware of COAs so this is great info.

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