Use of Cannabis Oil for Seizures

How we use cannabis oil for our daughters seizure clusters. How it helps and how it doesn’t help.


  1. Thanks for sharing your story. Wish you had more success with CBD. I know for some it helps them to have less frequent seizures and doesn't completely stop them. We were fortunately that our daughter is seizure free since taking CBD oil. Brand, dosage and frequency are also very crucial.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story and experiences with CBD & THC. You have mentioned trying different strains but had no luck. Ever tried increasing THC?

    My thoughts are with you and your child. Hoping for the best.

  3. There's 2 different kinds of CBD oil, 1 is CBD oil with THC derived from marijuana strains such as the strain Charlottes Web. The 2nd is CBD with no THC derived from Industrial hemp. Both have anti-seizure properties but controversy over which one is better really depends on the person and their ailment as different strains effect everybody differently, meaning one type of CBD oil manufactured from a certain strain might work on one person and have no effect on another person whom suffers from the same ailment. Continuing your search for different CBD oil from different strains you might just find one that actually works.  How about the dosage you're giving her, I'm sure you've tried to increase the dosage of CBD, right? CBD without THC is non-psychoactive, you can't overdose on it.  THC is also non-psychoactive until heat is applied, however the heat applied during the CBD manufacturing process is enough to activate the psychotropics of the THC.  CBD counter effects the psychoactive effects of the THC however.  How about her diet, no junk food or soda's loaded with aspartame right, only a good wholesome diet?  Something else, not sure if you've heard about this but I recently came across people consuming Aloe Vera to combat against epileptic seizures, I haven't done research into this yet so I can't say much about it but it might be worth looking into to help her out. Just a thought for you.  🙂

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