The FDA held its first hearing on CBD—here's what four industry experts had to say

The Food and Drug Administration held its first hearing on the safety and regulation of CBD, or cannabidiol. Researchers, doctors and manufacturers all testified …


  1. What a joke the FDA! They'll ok all these toxic pharmaceuticals and food products but make sure they get all their information from the nay sayers and use it as scientific prove! Well sorry too late we know it works and is safe!!

  2. The issue is clear and direct with CBD. The FDA has classified it as a drug as it is being prescribed in certain medications. Now that it is classified as a drug meaning that it can cure certain ailments that it has been tested for, it cannot be a supplement and it is controlled substance. Drugs cannot be used in food. This is another take over of a perfectly good natural remedy that is abundant and available for everyone to get the benefits from for cheap. Now it will be expensive as the government implements all the controls and the price goes up accordingly. So sad our government has to put its fingers in all the opportunities that we as Americans work hard to create for ourselves and with the stoke of a pen they steal everything we create constantly!!! Big Pharma will be taking this industry over soon and with that they will add their poison!!!!

  3. They need to revise the Tobacco alcohol sugar corn syrup products they throw at us, along with the side effects of pharmaceuticals they read aloud on television of which CBD have none.

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