BEST CBD OIL for sleep, anxiety, mood, pain, menstrual cramps, workout recovery, pet anxiety and more! Sharing my experience & review of calm by wellness …


  1. My dog and I have been using CBD for 1 month now for my anxiety (and ADHD) and for pet anxiety. I've used it for headaches, chronic pain, anxiety attacks, etc and I hope this video can help whoever is on the fence about trying it out!

  2. CBD oil or treats works great for small medium dogs. I have a large lab and treats do not work for him. He’s so big that I have to give him multiple treats which is so expensive in the long run. Same with oil tinctures. I have to buy him ones in huge doses and it is not cheap. It’s definitely a great investment but on the higher end of costs. If you can afford it please do guys!!

  3. I'm not really sure about CBD in dogs but watching your video helps me to know more about this. I guess CBD also helps dogs which is more amazing. Thank you for this!

  4. Thank you for sharing this! We've been wondering how CBD would work for our dog who struggles with anxiety but have heard mixed results. I would love to give him something besides Benadryl or a script! Thanks for sharing your honest opinions and glad to know it's working for you and your dog!

  5. I would really like to get some of those treats. I got some CBD oil that was "for dogs", but I couldn't get him to take it. I ended up taking it myself because I think it's great! I was giving it to him for pain because he is getting arthritic.

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