Symptoms of Brain Tumors in Dogs

Out of all the neurological problems that affect pets, especially older dogs and cats, brain tumors are quite common. The location of your pet’s tumor will dictate …


  1. Im not sure my little doggo was having trouble walking and she was having head tilt like she was dizzy but it went away 10 mins but i don't know we dont even have a vet nearby its hours away

  2. My bichos frise is 16 and he has seizures, but his seizures are weird. It’s like he drops and flails his legs and shakes and he barks so weird like he’s in pain or something. We already know that he has a brain tumor but I’m just curious if that is a seizure or if it’s something else.

  3. We had to put down our 4 year old Husky because of a brain tumor. It was so sad to see his decline. When we got the word from the neurologist there was nothing that could be done I was absolutely devastated. When we spent our last minutes with him we could see what they meant…he just wasn’t “there” anymore. I love you Ghost ❤️ hug your pets a little tighter tonight. We miss him so so much 😢

  4. Can someone please tell me if brain tumour cells can spread in the body or if it is rare? My Rottweiler Tash (short for Natasha) apparently had tumours from her brain downward.

  5. My dog is a tumor in the back of her brain and I couldn’t put her down . She is still happy and eating and drinking but she has no balance and can’t stand

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