STOP Hip Bursitis Pain Without Seeing A Dr or Having Injection

STOP Hip Bursitis Pain Without Seeing A Dr. or Having an Injection Bob and Brad discuss how to stop hip bursitis without having to see a doctor or get an …


  1. Riding a smooth bicycle 3 times a week breaks all the barnacles off while increasing circulation. The bike allows for proper
    alignment and no stress on the joints.

  2. I work for an osteopathic Dr. We also recommend an anti-inflammatory diet & lower carbs. Carbs and sugar are inflammatory foods. We actually do a class twice a year called MOVE! where we educate people about this. Yoga helps as well

  3. I've had SI joint problems for years and last year started with this. Now I can't even go for a 1/2 mile walk without pain. Everything you have shown – I had been advised by my orthopedist and physical therapist. You guys are top notch. I also had PRP shot. The best though has been massage and dry needling. Really hope to be able to walk a mile or two again. Funny, standing does not hurt much.

  4. Had L5 S1 fused 5 years ago by noon pain goes from lower back into my hips and I can't hardly walk or stand.i have to get off my feet I'm sitting down with my 10s machine on full blast as I type this. Life is good!

  5. Mobic has saved my life! I have bursitis in my left hip…it’s horrible! I had two steroid shots early on, but refused to take any more! Started Mobic, and it’s so much better!

  6. Your spot on. I rented my Airbnb to a young doctor studying a specialty bone/ joint course in a local French hospital ( he was American ). I pointed out my recommended hip replacement op because of hip pain. I also explained that I had to run for some reason ( left my wallet in a laundrette ) and the hip pain STOPPED! The doctor said hip replacement pain comes from inside the groin and not the exterior part of the hip. I started gentle runs and stretches and bicycle trips. That was 10 years ago and Ive got my original hips with NO PAIN. Bloody marvellous. I live in a warm climate and don’t have arthritis so I appreciate those who have mire problems than bursitis – I’m just pointing out an unnecessary hip replacement saved.

  7. Thank you so much, I found this very very helpful and useful too. And I’ve subscribed and given you a thumbs up 👍 too. Please stay safe and well too

  8. The Dr. wanted me to get knee surgery. It took a year to heal but did. Now they want hip replacement. No way. I am allergic to anesthesias and want to keep breathing. I will try your methods.

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