Snake oil or cure-all? Inside the budding CBD industry | Nightline

CBD became the “it” product of 2019 and believers, including a veteran and soccer star Megan Rapinoe, tout it as a benefit, but there is little regulation and …


  1. CBD shows how profound the placebo effect is. It’s snake oil that doesn’t benefit ANYTHING other than seizures. That’s facts. I sell CBD to suckers, but the majority of my patients say CBD doesn’t do ANYTHING mostly in a bewildered tone- Sheep believe anything and they make me tons of money 💰 for doing so.

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  3. I thought this video was about CBD, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the extreme level of military ass kissing. Poor hired mercenary. 😂

  4. Valleylabz from the 559 makes it in front of you and let's you know all the information how cannabis helps are receptors and how it can help build immune system I trust his cbd he has been doing before it was legal but cbd helps if it's made right

  5. Given that CBD use is still a new thing we need more time to see if it’s effect and use is effective and safe.
    For those that use it regularly, if it helps you then I’m glad it’s helping.

    If CBD helped this former military man prevent committing suicide and getting back to living then good for him.
    Whatever helps people bad long as it’s not an illegal drug or has negative effects on your physical and mental health then why not use it?

  6. I have a sever neurological pain condition CRPS right arm/hand/shoulder/back/eyes/face and CBD oil and vape is a life changer. It works for me personally. I am also in the autistic spectrum and it helps with anxiety for me. I will not take opioids. When i have a flare up I vape cbd 3x and 5 min the pain goes down. learn all about it first be your own self advocate is the up to date educational website. Also do not just buy any cbd oil. This is why you need to go and learn about it first and what top brands do for different conditions. Learn for yourself. Do not let big pharma get you on opioids. Also moderation in all things. never overdo anything.

  7. Very very good video and hoping that more people get well with this type of drug… i believe in the benefits in CBD FOR SOME people and children who can defenitely benefit for a better life!!

  8. This is why you can't trust corporations. They will cut corners and quality to maximize profits. Use only growers, because you can see how your product is made. Compassion Centers around my part of the US, is ran and owned by slimy politicians and law enforcement, who only care about profit, not the People.

  9. I know someone who swears CBD fixed his Dupuytren's contracture. His brother got surgery for it, it's a physical build-up of hard tissue in the hand, but he has more mobility just from rubbing CBD on his skin. Thoughts?

  10. The reason why this haven't fell through and they are only making it Parts in certain areas.
    Because it's the game they played!
    Politician the War on Drugs is all a joke.
    Yes it is a drug problem but it's not these oils.
    How about big Pharma how about the great work of investigative journalism Gary Webb. Uncover politicians that brought the heroin and cocaine in the US..
    Passing laws for Americans can be addicted to 💊
    Now you got overdose so high in America it's unreal.

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