S1E50 – Mike Dunafon on Cannabis – The Adam Dunn Show

Adam, Ryan, Crunchy & Murphy are joined by Colorado gubernatorial candidate Mayor Mike Dunafon (http://dunafonforgovernor.com/) to discuss the history of …


  1. Again I wish I could have called in to talk to Dunafon. I am a 6 year recovering iV drug addict and I owe it all to cannabis. Alcohol was always the gateway drug to me after being on parole/probation, I would end up drinking (my only option) , and when I was intoxicated it would make it a lot easier to go out and use drugs. I would have always chose Marijuana if I could have, I always smoked cannabis, but I didn't start to using it properly until I realized it was all I needed. It saved my life and showed me how important this plant and hemp is to our planet.

  2. Bummed I missed the live show! I wanted to express my distaste for all the political flyers being mailed to me From candidates who don't support hemp. 3 to 4 daily huge flyers that don't even fit in my mailbox. What a waste of paper.

  3. Strong point by Murphy, that older demographic of voters has horrible access to information sources. I work with geriatric population as a physical therapist doing home health, I go into homes and assisted living facilities all day and see these folks vote in masses! Wonder if they would vote differently if they had access to reliable source of information.

  4. aw man I thought today was Wednesday but it's thurday =( I missed the live chat. Damn world of warcraft 6.0 patch screwed up my sense of time

  5. Gary was on red eye,he also said he have a dis. also..i just so happen 2 b watching it,but I'm sure nobody took him serious,but with FOX u never know

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