Regular Cannabis Use & Inflammation

Is there a link between cannabis use and systemic inflammation? In this video, American Journal of Medicine Editor-in-Chief Dr. Joseph S. Alpert discusses new …


  1. Why not study people who have used cannabis for thier whole lives rather from an opinion on what might happen based on studies? Because studies on real people have shown that cannabis does not cause death or any long term harm. But tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and even the prescription drugs do KILL people. So who are you going to believe a doctor who has killed thier patients with prescription drugs that have been tested for only a year, or the fact that no one has ever died from cannabis use in the last ten thousand years. Stupid is as stupid does.

  2. I'm inflamed been in flames for 3 decades… very painful, Spinal Fusion, Fibromyalgia, Costochondritis, Arthritis, car wrecks, knee and shoulder injuries… Thank God For The Whole Gamut of componds in cannabis, thank God For The Whole Plant, Wholy Holy.

  3. weed helps my inflamation even in my lungs its great it helps me breahte and it feels like my bad astmah and more is gone when i smoke weed its great u cant die from weed btw no matter what

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