ReDunn 05-20-16 – SolventFree with Frenchy Cannoli

We take a look back to a 2016 episode with the master of Resin , Cami “Frenchy” Canoli. The Canna-community lost an amazing man this week and we all will …


  1. RIP Frenchy, have learned more about hash from him than anyone else.

    Lived in DC from 2010 to 2014 before moving to CO.

    Would smoke spliffs on the fire escape on Florida Ave near Dupont circle near a buncha embassies.

    Obama would travel that route a few times a month. Snipers on the rooftops would sometimes yell at me to go inside while smoking.

    The local police cared more about weed than the feds during that time.

    420s on the mall every year. Pigeons playing ping pong had like 20 people in the crowd at the time.

    18th street lounge closed(thievererys bar/the mansion).

    Check out wonderland ballroom if you are ever in DC

  2. Great show, wow what a time capsule. Lots of great info. RIP Frenchy, his videos taught me how to make hash, and I'm enjoying a little now in his memory. Nikka T dropping lots of great knowledge. Thanks folks.

  3. Damn It's crazy how far technology even solventless and solvent extracts have come. I just learned who French was among his unfortunate passing. Gonna do alot more research and watch the show more often guys. Thanks!

  4. Hash industry has lost a great one rip frenchy I learned how to make bubble hash from frenchy will always be beholden for that gonna be some big shoes to fill that’s a loss for the whole cannabis scene 😕😕😟

  5. Frenchy and Lemmy, my 2 favorite rockstars have kiss this world's ass goodbye. Thanks Frenchy, you were so on point, ppl in the know were sponging you, taking in the living legend. Merci Le

  6. God bless form Montpellier to Maulana ❤️☮️🐑💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨🛸I new him as the the fourin legion 🐘charass is shivas 🕉️avwar old pall xx

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