Recreational marijuana legalization goes into effect in Vermont

Vermont is now the ninth state in the country where recreational use of marijuana is legal. The state’s new law, which went into effect on Sunday, allows for the …


  1. I want to sell it and make money. 🤑 I'd heal people with it. I would be pleased just to make 15–20k annually I'm not greedy or materialistic but if u generate more than 30k annually because you earned a degree u deserve that money. I was able to fast for +50 days with the help of cannabis (because of health issues I fasted for +50 days).

  2. It's all about growing it and learning about the plant. Instead of buying it from broke losers that'll rip u off or run off with your money. Cannabis is a human right like Mexico's government states.

  3. Please, will at least one state in the southeast legalize recreational marijuana? I'm tired of driving all the way up to Massachusetts every 6 months for some green

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  5. Wow! If someone had told me when I was a teenager that pot would be legal anywhere in the U.S., I would have thought they were on drugs! It's just sort of surreal. And my mom was one of the biggest marijuana smugglers in the world! But flash-forward 1979 to 2018. Again….WOW!!!
    "My Most-Wanted Marijuana Mom"

  6. The British government won't legalise drugs but they have committed a grotesque human rights crime.They practice torture everyday on British railways with a szchophrenia weapon and those using it are involved in torture.They steal a mans human rights to life with assault with a Weapon you can't see,a sound weapon.The NHS is involved in this crime.Until the prime minister is arrested for allowing torture on a person in the UK against his will don't think of visiting this despot evil regime who say they defend human rights but torture a man everyday.I hope it goes to court and Those behind this crime end up in in prison.A szchophrenia sonic weapon with the BBC involved,they are one hated institution.

  7. I think cannabis should be legalized completely for the reason of if it were then people could just grow there own weed we would see a near complete eradication of trafficking let's be honest dealing with anyone in the idea of illegal substances is weird and I wasn't born during prohibition but I imagine it was the same back then for those who don't have the time or feel like growing there own plant sure the government can market it in the sales like they do in tobacco but at least the power would be in the hands of the people on whether or not they feel they'd rather grow there own pot also I feel that people would like to take a look at the ramifications of well how do I take into consideration of well how do I know one person isn't growing 600 plants and looking to traffick all that weed to that I would say if anyone could grow and consume there own weed or just buy it at a store with a reasonable price legally why would anyone be inclined to deal on the streets effectively if you had 200-300 pounds or more it would seem like it would be more of a cool story bro type thing and if you ever got caught transporting it to another country or province where it is illegal sure… you knew you were in the process of somethics verrryyyy illegal

  8. God's CBD and THC are both in Canabis. THC is what gives you pain relief and gets you high. though depending on the strain it's a body high indica or a head high sativa. CBD is useful in treatments for epilepsy (even in children see Charlotte's Web) and other things. More testing is needed which will now finally be able to happen that it won't be treated like a schedule one drug in those states. Then perhaps one day soon we can harvest this plant to its full potential. Not that there are not already a load of products that can be made from the plant.

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