Pot For Pets: Dog Owners Use Marijuana To Treat Canine Ailments | CNBC Make It.

Happy 4/20! One of the fastest growing niches in marijuana is pot for pets. It’s not legal on a federal level, and vets cannot prescribe it. But that’s not stopping …


  1. Y'all are dumb. Prevention is better than cure. Stop giving the dogs grains or carbs and only fatty organic grass fed pasture meats veggies and no fruits and bam no cancer or stupid arthritis like all you dumbasses are sayin oh this cbd oil helps my dog but they dont even want to research into diet in the first place

  2. Nature's best medicine is – CARNIVORE NUTRITION (that's not pet food nutrition). Thank you Dr Tom Lonsdale for your insider information. First use nature's best medicine – raw meaty bones (diet)!~click here
    Feline gingivostomatitis: Nature's best medicine — raw meaty bones — to the rescue

    [Hill's] Science Death Experiment on Dogs

    Rolo, junk pet-food victim

  3. How can I get this for my dog , we have dispensaries in Illinois vet told me nothing can be done for my dog he's still very healthy but has thyroid cancer pressing on his airway I really wanna try the oil before he gets bad

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