1. What i want to know is how is it considered a schedule 1 drug if marijuana is already scientifically proven to be medicinal . SCHEDULE 1 DRUGS: substances, or chemicals defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.  Marijuana already has accepted medical use im a damn patient . Helloooooo. You don't even have to change the law for that you just have to realize what the law already is!!! marijuana is not a schedule 1 drug and saying it is would just be a lie and denial of the imformation that is abundant!! You don't have to change the law to take marijuana off of schedule 1 drug list it obviously doesn't fit the definition. That's like saying cats are not legally allowed to go to the moon and you as a human go to the Moon and get in trouble because cats are not allowed. Did that make sense?? Hell no it didnt lol. So technically marijuana is not even illegal if you really want to talk about textbook definitions of laws

  2. Congessman Schmitt has told me personally that the Republican controlled state legislature will never pass legal pot until the fed decriminalizes it. That makes the issue pretty simple, get the GOP out of Harrisburg. They are obstructionists pure and simple. How can anyone control a fucking flower??

  3. Pennsylvania….its already here. our medical marijuana business is booming, our neighboring states NJ and NY have now BOTH legalized the drug for recreational use. eventually as everything keeps unfolding the whole united state will go green. we are officially left behind. we are delaying legal weed because its "going to raise youth use" and its going to "have more impaired driving" and lastly the most hilarious one of all "we have an opioid problem" lets start with the first one. youth kids are going to always find a weed man who will sell it to them they dont ask for identification and their weed can be dangerous and laced, the impaired driving is not an issue as all states that have legalized said thats not even true its just a convenient excuse to not legalize and lets be real..driving high actually makes us slower drivers ;D lol…and lastly the opioid crisis…i PERSONALLY have a buddy who is still addicted to pain pills…..do you know what this corrupt state has done to aid his addiction? they threw a LIFETIME supply of suboxone at him. yeah that makes sense pa lets not weave him off it lets keep giving it to him. all my buddy who is hooked has to do is lie and say he still needs them cause he is popping pills….the problem with Pennsylvania is they make it way too convenient to get suboxone ITS KEEPING PENNSYLVANIA HOOKED i couldn't tell you how many people i ran into that all say the same story that they abuse the sub program. we need to stop keeping people hooked on suboxone dismantle that program and legalize marijuana already. i dont wanna hear that we have an opioid problem but yet they are FEEDING it to my buddy constantly who has openly admitted like many others that hey are abusing the program this needs to end. because they are keeping my buddy high he has a drive for other drugs now hes at a point where anything is on the table he will do it again…when he first came out of jail he was clean then all he did was pop one Oxycontin and simply run to the sub clinic to get another supply he said that was all it took and they basically threw him another script he played the part and peed in the cup to prove he "needed" suboxone its disgusting that program is doing nothing more then taking away pills from the street and replacing it with another pill (suboxone) which by the way is NOT safe so in a nutshell the government said no no we will not have you buying from the streets just get our drugs instead then they charge the health insurance through the roof in the end its nothing more then our state yet again being greedy and saying we dont want the drug dealers on the street profiting when we can. so in turn they ruin lives…see drug dealers dont always have a supply. drug dealers are not always around but unfortunately rite aid is and cvs is…. and the state makes it very convenient to go pick up your script of suboxone its VERY sad that our state is keeping people hooked for their own gain

  4. END THE CRIME AND BLACK MARKET! You'll starve the gangs in Philly of revenue if you do this. For god's sake, you're giving criminals a billion-dollar industry by keeping it illegal. Most people have a guy they go to. Somewhere down the line a gang member had to of moved or produced the stuff. Legal weed would separate regular folks from interacting with violent gangs because right now thats the only way people buy it.

  5. PA resident here. If they dont make this legal in 2021 Ill never vote for anyone who blocks this effort. Its not just tax money and jobs. Imagine spending time in jail over weed. This is a monstrously cruel thing to do to people. DONT WAIT, DO IT NOW. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE YESTERDAY!

  6. I can’t wait till it is recreational god dam taking to much time. all the mf against its legalization it’s fine, we are the new the new generation so either way it will be legalized and you’ll be dead so yea

  7. Hell yes! We need the $$ and sanity/stress reducer… mayb our roads will finally get done CORRECTLY (ha, they prolly still wont get attention)… anyway, other than $ gained it will also stop wasting $, time and resources on those prosecuted for it… stop ruining ppls lives over a little weed!

  8. Be willing to accept the pros with the cons. I trust my guy more than I trust the dispensaries; who knows what goes into the product that’s government regulated. I hear great things from a Canadian friend though who claims Canada has some of the best quality stuff… however it can be pricey.

    This election can’t end fast enough.

  9. This could free people from prison meaning less tax dollars goin to hold them there over weed.
    The money this could bring after a pandemic is insane also the job opportunities.
    People might be more relaxed too ctfu

    This need to be done ASAP

  10. I can't speak for Eastern PA but here theres too many non native Yinzers here already sheesh They drink hipster craft beers and seltzers and have no accent can't stand em

    God now they'll be high too ughhh hate them its like a liberal west coast town here 🤮
    Pittsburgh is losing its blue collar heritage

  11. Don't listen to this idiot. Listen to the emergency room doctors who see the devastating effects that marijuana has on people every day. This guy would sell his soul for money. What a disgrace.

  12. John here, from Chambersburg, PA….. 48yrs old, Private Contractor by trade and a Recovered Heroin Addict since 2007…..Im so blessed….yet, I can't afford medical prices or the card since I lost work and wages since March Covid Lockdown….. I cant afford black market much longer either…..
    Just last week, Drug Task Force raids my home after pinching my cousin for thefts, who is a heavily known actively using addict…. Begs me for 3 freagn days to hook him up with an oz…. Ive BEGGED him to try concentrates….Its what SAVED MY LIFE AND HAS KEPT ME HEROIN-FREE FOR PAST 13 YEARS…..I DID 4.5Yrs in prison as a result of my 2007 arrest. I've been off parole going on 5 years, now. I work harder and I have a home, family , kidz and grandkidz, just like EVERYONE else…..and I am far from what I once was for a short devastating part of my life, when I was first introduced to heroin in 2004. I carry much shame and guilt and paid a dear price with my life….I am far removed from that time in my life, but NEVER forgotten….
    I decided when Covid-19 hit, and with all of the media hyping the event coupled by the riots, i thought NOW might be a good time to learn hydroponics…..i can grow ANYTHING, From lettuce to peas, and other viney veggies as well as cannabis , which if and when the all-mighty dollar FAILS, I just may have something worth its weight in GOLD, to trade and barter with, in times of NEED……I spent 18hrs a day, since March, learning how to propagate, clone, veg and bloom cannabis, I had just mastered the craft as a true ARTISAN able to grow the ABSOLUTE Dankest and most potent flower I have ever had the privilege to taste…..I had absolutely phenomenal phenos of a clone-only Headband strain and my prized Cherry Cookies and Cherry Cookie Silver, that I bred myself…..I had one ready to harvest and one 3 wks from harvest and all others were clones in veg with some new clones and new seedlings of Gelato, and King of Hearts…..i was literally getting ready to sort the males and get my next 2 stongest winners for my next bloom phase………I only had a 3×3 tent for veg and a 4×4 tent for bloom….4 plants maximum, was the most I could grow at any one time…..and they mask up and smash my door in an steal all my plants, all my lights, all my fans and filters and bust all my rigs and bongs in my yard into tiny glass peices for my kidz to walk on…..all becuz I smoke pot….NEED pot…and it is what keeps me SANE
    …. now im facing a 15-30yr sentence, all because i wanted so badly to save a life like it saved mine……
    Im in AWE….and have NEVER felt so betrayed and violated in ALL my years and this whole time, I've never been more proud of myself……..smh, in disbelief…..I am truly feeling hopeless and abandoned as this should have NEVER , EVER been allowed to happen……my history of where I've been and how far ive come, speaks for itself……I know better than TO SELL DRUGS, this time, i beleived I was helpn to save a life and we all know it isn't free…..im so dissappointed in myself, its beyond shame……
    If anyone knows ANYONE who may be able to help me, I would surely appreciate it…..Thank You for your KINDNESS !
    I beleive that ANY life, is worth saving….
    I can be contacted at jappleby1972@yahoo.com

  13. Pa residents will never see a penny of money. Tom wolf is one of the biggest liars in the world along with icky Ricky. Together they have ruined the economy by shutting down the state. But his family cabinet business was exempt from needing permission to stay open. How can restaurants and servers survive only being allowed 25 percent capacity. Him and icky Ricky should be made to resign or be impeached.

  14. Just another testament to how far backwards this country has fallen,and the greed of the government wanting the almighty tax. And the medical marijuana card B.S please that's being so abused it's pathetic, there are people that may need it but everybody is getting the cards? I tell people all the time cigarettes would be banned if the government didn't make so much on the taxes, the packaging basically saying they'll kill you and the commercial showing it also, how are they still selling this product??? Insurance companies not wanting to cover smokers, the government should cover smokers they allowed it to continue.Most people start when their kids do the peer pressure, and we all know it's a very addictive habit.

  15. Alcohol is more harmful to your health than marijuana. Just like when prohibition ended so the government could make money by taxing the profits from the sale of liquor, the federal government will do the same with weed. People gonna use it anyway so the government may as well make money off sales.

  16. so use the $1 billion in pandemic money you have to set up a state ran pot shops. No home growers, the state decides who gets the money, i'm 100% for legalization, but his is not legalization this is a clear attempt to swing pa to go blue this year…they will pay a black man 7.25 and hour to sell weed for them in a state owned pot shop but wont let them open their own shop and make real profits. hmmmm don't sound like its to help anyone but a failing budget well before the pandemic.

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