1. Not sure if you can help or provide any information. I sadly lost my PA cannabis ID card, I went on the PA health department site & paid the $25 for replacement card. Do you have any idea how long it could take to get my card replaced as I’m out of my medicine.

  2. how long is the approval process supposed to take??? its been 3 days since my appointment and i dont see anything under the patient certifications tab. i mean the dude didnt say he wasnt going to give it me, he told me that its a smart choice that im doing this so why wouldnt he certify me????

  3. I have tried every way to register. Simply can't even though I've entered all info correctly. Called the support number and its nobody to talk to just an automated answering machine. Emailed support and got a generic response telling me how to enter information. Frustrating!!!

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