1. This the only Democrat bill I would be favor of . They allow tobacco and alcohol just to name a few legal poisons .. Bullshits Republications need to pass it

  2. People won’t know if it’s good for them until they try it for themselves. Also, less arrests over a relatively harmless drug. It makes you hunger, and it makes you sleepy and forgetful sometimes, but for some people the benefits out way those negative symptoms. I know I need to be more chill sometimes and I definitely need help falling asleep.

  3. Florida is just a pile of stupid. The only revenue that hits Florida is oranges and tourism….. Also drugs evidently not the legal kind. You think the drug lords aka the police is what's stopping it. They get free drugs and straight cash on raids.

  4. Because you keeping the real for yourself and selling us the synthetics which kill us to get our money so you can buy more of the real for yourself it makes me want to slap your democratic prohibition face truthfully

  5. They looked at the number a nd resized that waiting till 2022 they could make more money that's all they had damn near a million signatures smh you cant get that many people to go get free food stamps

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