New Zealand legalises euthanasia, but not recreational marijuana

New Zealanders voted to legalise euthanasia in a binding referendum, but preliminary results released Friday showed they likely would not legalise recreational …


  1. Trouble with New Zealand is that Xi Ping thought it was a bad idea so they stopped it. Now I’m still drinking a Litre of Vodka a day instead. I’ll be dead before they finally get the balls to legalise it.

  2. so a person who's suffering greatly from cancer can decide to legally be killed but this very same person can't decide to use a natural medicine? way to go NZ

  3. How much is it going to cost me as an American with a terminal disease? I don't want to die of liver failure, it is painful, my father went through it and so will I. I would much rather just go to sleep. Worse comes to worse I'll order some fentanyl off the dark markets, but I would rather not.

  4. I could drink myself to death before this vote and I'll keep smoking legal or not fn fools think they can restrict an adults personal choice.Dont like weed don't smoke it I like it and I'll chose for myself!

  5. yaaaaaaah we get to kill people being sarcastic here i am a new zealander and i am crying for my nation that they are laughing that they passed a bill to kill people

    it is sick to me this is a funeral and we should be mourning the fact that people will die from this please christian pray for my country as it showing it's true colours

  6. People think the USA is a banana republic, But to me it looks like New Zealand is the real bananas republic, with a tin pot dictator who confiscated firearms and a board of censorship, criminal marijuana, extremely authoritarian lockdowns and quarantine camps enforced by the military and legal assisted suicide.
    Thank the Heavens I don’t live there.

  7. This is really disgusting because they prefer to legalise euthanasia but not legalise advance stem cell research to cure terminally ill
    people?!! I bet there is already a cure for every disease but the pharmaceutical industry hides this very well and is making HUGE
    profits… these evil scums are straight up murderers. Also the fact they would rather ban cannabis than euthanasia is very telling and sickening!!

  8. Majority Baby boomer population. Predictable result. Wait a few more years for them to all be killed off / drop dead, then the enevitable legalization of recreational canabis will become law as the more educated and responsible younger generation users will gain majority status. It is just a matter of time.

  9. Letting the people decide in a referendum; what a great form of Free Speech. I have been wrong as I never thought basic Human Rights would come from this PM.

  10. ✌️.Since I don’t want to suffer and be wasted away in pain and die. Seniors with Alzheimer’s, feeding tubes are just shoved in a nursing home to die. We don’t let out pets suffer in pain. Same way we should have a choice to die. We should Respect those who choose life or death!!

  11. Clearly, the religious folk commenting against euthanasia here fail to notice how the law resticts the application to cases where the patient is likely to die in the next six months and that must be certified by two doctors

  12. Was it a mistake or I saw people cheering and happy for legalizing death? I thought that barbarism was a matter of the past. Why are "modern" people so obsessed with death, by killing the unborn or wanting to kill themselves (euthanasia)?

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