New Jersey Just Legalized Recreational Marijuana, Will New York Be Next?

Bloomberg’s Tiffany Kary joined Quicktake to discuss: A recreational marijuana marketplace, cannabis decriminalization and looser penalties for underage …


  1. Dont get your hopes up guys, The legal weed is going to be Limited THC. only %10!!!!!!. Theres not going to be any buzz. Its a waste of money. Dirt weed has more THC. They beat us again. Weed will never be free and clear in New Jersey Im sick of waiting and having my hopes dashed' Im not beat for this. I QUIT, . Im not going to waste my money on crappy weed. You smoke it…………. When NY legalizes it just go there.

  2. Let me get this straight , the government want me to get a vaccine thats not fda approved yet , nd I have no idea of long term side effects or whats in the vaccine , but a plant that grows naturally from the ground for hundreds of yrs is not yet legal , get these people from government out of office , what happened to we the people , government a total joke , term limits, when you make a plant legal then maybe I might get the vaccine if FDA APPROVED , otherwise the goverment cant
    f ck off..

  3. We the people want Murphy out!! He’s a fraud! The state clearly trying to bank off it’s residents by continuing to make recreational home grow illegal! As if times aren’t tough enough!! I am not paying $65 for an eighth of an ounce!

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