Natural Pain & Anxiety Relief with CBD Hemp Oil (featuring Joy Smith – Founder of Joy Organics)

Get 15% off Joy Organics. Use Code AUT15 ▻ (Affiliate Link) Joy Smith and I discuss the health benefits of CBD …


  1. Ich habe keine Wirkung von CBD. In Deutschland ist es auch sehr sehr teuer.

    Es wird sehr gehyped.

    Einen Versuch ist es aber wert.

  2. CBD can be so extremely beneficial for most people, it helped me to a certain point….So, I prefer the 1:1 tincture CBD/THC. It's the most amazing thing I've ever had for my anxiety, depression & other issues. So glad I also live in a state where it's legal. Great stream! Very informative 😘❤️

  3. Thank you Autumn, great interview and great topic! I am myself have been wondering a bit about CBD and this has cleared some questions I had. Been looking into this topic for a family member that may need it.

  4. I so need to try that CBD with the melatonin. I meant to watch this live but I completely spaced it, lack of sleep, migraines, and everything else. For the short period of time I've used CBD vape the regular migraines were pretty much controlled and minimized, I was sleeping better and felt better overall. Then a month ago I passed out twice and ended up getting a concussion, along with some new scars, which is making it very hard to concentrate. My heart rhythm is a bit irregular, first degree AV blocks, and a few second degree. None of the drs, including the cardiologists, believe the CBD is a contributor, but I'm looking for a more reliable supplier to ensure its high quality. I'm not a smoker, never been, but I do enjoy the vaping experience, it kind of relaxes me. Is Joy Organics considering offering vape oil that I can use in the couple of vape pens I already have?

  5. Great interview as always Autumn! I love that you allow the guest to talk and don't talk over them like too many interviewers who love the sound of their own voice. I look forward to hopefully seeing more streams about health & wellbeing in the future 😁👌💚

  6. Thanks for talking about such an interesting topic. I thought a prescription was needed. But I checked her website and I am really impressed. I will be buying the tincture tonight. 👍

  7. I definitely will be trying this for anxiety, I have nothing to lose. I'll be content if it makes even the tiniest of difference. Thank you for the information!

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