My Thoughts On Marijuana | Responding to Your Comments! | Doctor Mike

We are back at it responding to your comments and questions via this monthly video series. I love reading and responding to your comments and as you can tell …


  1. My only problem with your opinion on cannabis is you as a medical professional using the slang term promoted by a racist politician, there are far less stigmatized slang terms to use, the largest issues are abuse/overuse and lack of research to counter false information claims, here's hoping the medical benefits are researched more thoroughly over the next few years

  2. thc is not good for people with anxiety, its a stimulant and exacerbates anxiety symptoms, hence people getting panic attacks from smoking 🙂 high cbd marijuana is better for anxiety sufferers <3

  3. Hey Dr Mike, I have some problems with my nose and the back of my throat my voice sounds really nasally and my nose gets clogged really easily just randomly even if I take allergy pills and the back of my throat near the top of it feels really congested and it's sometimes difficult to deal with and when I'm sick it feels like mucus gets stuck in the top back of my throat that's not obstructing my breathing but it's closer to my nose and connected and it feels like it's stuck a lot of time and I can't get anything out. What do you think is wrong with me?

  4. M.j. is like any other drug. 💉 💊
    Bad when it's overused and taken by those who don't actually medically need it. Follow directions for prescriptions. Check in with doctor for reactions to ur other drugs. And don't operated any vehicles watch children cook food while under the influence!

  5. You keep saying that there isn't enough research/study done on it but then you quote research articles……so..?…and not all marijuana users are using it to blunt (no pun intended) their emotions, etc.

  6. I love sleep talkers 😂😂 my man talks in his sleep, it happens more often when he’s stressed so that part makes me sad, but man does he say some funny stuff lol.

  7. People self medicate with alcohol too, that’s not unique to marijuana. And some people do abuse alcohol every day, the deterrent of hangover isn’t a deterrent. People who will get addicted will find something to get addicted to because it’s not the object of addiction that’s the issue

  8. America says marijuana has no medical use and is illegal, but also america has patents saying marijuana used for many treatments like Alzheimer's and schizophrenia. Can u comment on these @doctormike

  9. When my boyfriend was dying of AIDS, in 1990, they prescribed SO MANY PILLS for various things. (I'm talking about a ridiculous number of pills.) He couldn't keep them all straight. (He had some cognitive issues.) I actually went to a hardware store and bought one of those big plastic nuts-and-bolts-and-screw holders which had, like, 30 little plastic drawers. I labeled all the drawers with the days of the week–morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening–with food–empty stomach, etc.
    I would sort all these hundreds of pills and pack them into the plastic drawers at the beginning of the week, and we had a timer/alarm system. Several times a day, when the timer went-off, he could go to the proper drawer and take a big handful of pills. But he would have such a big wad of pills in his stomach at all times, he had absolutely no desire for any food. None. No appetite at all.
    And the doctors' response to this no-appetite-situation was to prescribe MORE PILLS to try to increase his appetite! (Just say no.) The only thing that gave him any desire for food was marijuana. (The law didn't allow even "medical use" at the time.) The stigma that was created around this plant was absurd. It caused mass incarceration (which was applied in undeniably racist ways) and other serious harm in people's lives.
    Legalization and proper research are both many, many decades overdue.

  10. Memory loss is the only side effect Mary Jane gives me that I don't like. If it was legalized years ago, we'd know everything we need to know. I'll ever know why they call it the gateway drug lol. I've never smoked and then thought, 'that's not enough, I think I want to do some heroin instead!" Its silly

  11. The girls who were born on the same month day and year same time but are not twins are two members of triplets (or, you know, of multiple birth pregnancies).

  12. to the person who asked what workouts to do with no legs, i’m a competitive swimmer and we have many kids who don’t have legs! it is the perfect exercise for everyone!

  13. I am a bit sad that a disabled veteran had to go to a youtube doctor for advice. Not that Doctor Mike is giving bad advice, but there should be a physician (and a psychologist) that help this veteran on an individual basis.

  14. After that intro, I was asking myself:

    Will this video be about marijuana, or Doctor Mike on marijuana trying to think?

    I am pretty sure what it will be, but still, the pun was too good to not share.

    "My thoughts [while] on marijuana" is very different from "My thoughts on [the topic of] marijuana".

  15. I have only used weed recreationally for over 10 years. Earlier this year, after a car accident, edibles were the only reason I could get up and walk for about a week

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