My Period Routine | Hacks + Advice [ Pain, Hygiene, Acne, Products + More ]

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  1. so glad I came across this! this vid as well as a couple others encouraged me to share my own lil period routine too. thank you so much for these tips🙏🏽✨

  2. Do heating pads, essential oils, teas and stuff like that actually help people? Once my cramps start there's nothing that will stop them. I have to lay in bed in pain until I fall asleep. It's the only relief I can get. Not to mention I can't eat or drink anything if I don't want to start vomiting.

  3. This was such an informative video. I’m blessed to not have horrible periods. They’re more just an inconvenience but ☝🏾 I’ve been on hormonal birth control so long now that I’m detoxing from them I’m noticing cramps, discomfort and mood swings I hadn’t noticed over the years. Definitely adding the stain remover and sticky heating pads to my arsenal!

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