MELBOURNE TOP 15 ATTRACTIONS TO VISIT IN CBD | Melbourne Travel Guide | Australia

It’s holiday season and if you plan to travel to Melbourne, now it’s the right time to go. It’s summer right here and weather in Melbourne while it can be really hot …


  1. Just discovered your channel. I love to follow local vlogs that showcase places of interest and the tasty food offerings that we have. Channels like this motivates you to enjoy and explore. You've got another subscriber 🙂👌

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  3. When I was a teenager, I spent several months in Ballarat and would zip over to Melbourne for fun outings. It's wild to see how much the city has changed. For some reason, the library is the spot that really wowed me in your video. I think it's because it's so unexpectedly gorgeous. But the botanic gardens are stunning too! We just subscribed–we'd love to be YT friends!

  4. Great video guys! 😁 found you through Puri & Sue’s video and so glad we checked you out! Love the energy you guys have and this video really made us want to travel to Melbourne 🤩 can’t wait to watch more videos!

  5. Hello lovely to meet you both. You are so sweet couple. I really enjoyed watching your video. Your editing skills is fantastic. I'm your new supporters.

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