Medical Marijuana smoker found not guilty of DUI despite trace amounts in blood

It’s a story you’ll only find on Action News. Michigan’s zero tolerance policy for any marijuana in your system while driving continues to remain in effect despite …


  1. Some people smoke marijuana everyday and every moment, its normal for them to drive high. One of my friend who hasnt gotten in an accident in 15 years smokes weed and drive.. He doesn't do it on purpose but his just high all the time..

  2. California Fight Continues. I'm a disabled Vet and I use 3:1 ratio CBD/THC to treat a couple of things. I've been fighting the charges for 26 months now. I wanted to warn others of another trap that still exists in the California legal system with the use of medical marijuana.  I had never had a speeding ticket before that night. I also was still working for the Airforce at the time with a active security clearance. Hopefully by finally talking about this openly I can help someone else avoid it. A California DUI is EXPENSIVE! Tack on 26 months and two different firms ….the math is depressing.

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