1. Hey I'm 16 and I smoke weed (marijuana) because it ease's me relaxes me but I do have a short lose of memorie because of it I noticed this when I was 15 I started smoking less of it because I know the outcomes and I just have to say it's NOT a drug but it's more like a medical plant because drugs are fused together doing something or another but marijuana you can just grow your not putting chemicals into it to be able to use it you just plant it genuinely I think weed is the best anit drug out there

  2. I take 2-3 hits from a joint and I’m literally focusing for HOURS, in fact, with physics there’s a lot of problem solving, while on weed (not baked that’s just abusing it for recreational activities) I am able to sit, and wander off into my homework and think of new ways to solve problems, basically I become very creative and productive, just don’t over do it

  3. It’s fine to be on 3 or 4 patchophamaceuticals…. with tons of side effects…. that’s NORMAL…..
    But a plant that may assuage symptom constellation?… nope! Bad! Evil!…..[sigh]

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