Medical marijuana bill clears Senate Judiciary committee for second time | Govt-and-politics

“Once we have a determination on how many people actually have the conditions that are specified in the bill, then we can determine costs and revenue.”

Restrictive bill

Bill sponsors and other senators supporting SB711 have said it represents what Sen. Wally Nickel, D-Wake, called “the most conservative and restrictive medical marijuana bill in the country.”

There are 36 states that permit some form of medical marijuana use.

“This bill is narrowly tailored to offer medical marijuana to those with legitimate medical needs,” Nickel said.

As a primary reason for legalization, the bill says “modern medical research has found that cannabis and cannabinoid compounds are effective at alleviating pain, nausea and other symptoms associated with several debilitating medical conditions.”

Unlike previous committee discussions, no one from the public spoke against the bill Tuesday.

Previously, advocates opposed to the legislation have expressed their main concerns that medicinal use could lead to recreational use.

The Rev. Mark Creech of the Christian Action League said Wednesday that, if medical marijuana is approved, it should be taxed similarly to tobacco and alcohol, rather than as a prescription drug.

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