Mechanized CBD Hemp Cultivation: Experiences and Lessons Learned from 2019

This is a video produced by High Plains Grains (Ben and Grant Moest) and High Plains Grains (Ross Vehmeier) documenting their experiences and lessons …


  1. Wow, hemp silage? Or? the baler compost heat either kills the mildew or is it just the pressure and airtightness of the bales keeps down wrong types of decomposition? This type of farming is a long way from cleaned bud. The value of the hemp fiber (bark skin) and hurd/shiv stem core all get chopped up with the bud? Markets? Hempcrete is a wonderful building material and the fiber can be used for blanket insulation too. Not too complicated. Fiber for fabric requires more processing probably not available in the U.S., but maybe they still do rope.

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  3. I love watching people throw millions of dollars into something they have absolutely no clue about… I have been cultivating cannabis for 20 years and now seeing farmers plant en mass, terrible crops of what they think is the newest coolest thing in grain farming. Cannabis requires many different methods of growing and nobody succeeds their very first time growing it. I don't care how long you've been farming, CANNABIS IS NOT CORN. You cannot treat it as such…. Come to Colorado and try to plant a field of hemp like that, like a big open field of corn; you will fail.

    My company offers consultation on general cannabis growing (both medical and recreational Marijuana and industrial hemp (cbd, cbg, etc)). PM me if you're interested, my rates are fair.

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  5. hemp plants can reach around 18foot tall, the closer together you plant it the higher they go, 400k plants per 1acer of land, they also drown out weeds NP when they reach for the sky
    Over complicating the process of growing a weed is devastating

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